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“Look unto Abraham your father, and unto Sarah that bare you: for I called him alone, and blessed him, and increased him.” (Isaiah 51:2 KJV)


One of the people that makes it easier to understand grace as totally unmerited is Abraham. Abraham came from an idol-worshipping background. He did not know God; neither did he do anything fantastic to make him noticed by God. Yet, God picked him. In Genesis chapter 12, God went to a man by the name Abram, an idol worshipper. Don’t forget that Abram was not a Christian, but grace visited his house and said to him; I am going to make a great nation out of you. And through you shall all the nations of the earth be blessed. I am going to make you special. Beloved, that was grace!

Grace is God himself, deciding to make you. It was grace that reached out to Abraham not his works. So why are you cancelling yourself out? Why are you discounting yourself? Why are you allowing people write you off? I have vowed never to write off anyone. Anyone who still sits under the anointing can spring a surprise. So I refuse to write off anyone. No matter how low you have been, you are coming out very soon. There is hope for you. The grace that reached out to Abraham will speak for you. His grace is always sufficient. You will spring a surprise.

Who told you you have been forgotten? That person lied because I see a change coming in your life. There is no way your life will remain the same in Christ. It is an assurance I am giving to you. The grace of God will perfect everything that concerns you. So dare to believe Him. In that area that appears forgotten, bring His word back to Him in prayer and see Him turn it around in your favour. If God could pick up Abram, changed him name to Abraham to prepare him for the future that He has for him and made him a father of nations as He promised; what then is too difficult for Him.


Further Reading: Genesis 12:1-4, 21:1-8

Daily Bible Reading: Morning- 2 Kings 15-16; Evening- John 3:1-18

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