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Bishop Mike Okonkwo – Engaging the Holy Ghost (II)

Bishop Mike Okonkwo – Engaging the Holy Ghost (II)

You can’t stop worshipping God. You have to read the word of God to know this God. There’s a place for reading and a place for hearing. You couldn’t have been saved without the Holy Spirit, so everyone that has been saved has the Holy Spirit in them.

We are not ordinary because we have the Holy Ghost. People say “when I gave my life to Christ, I received all the Holy Ghost I need” but this is not totally correct. After you are saved, there is still another experience, another empowerment to succeed on earth.

When we talk about Jesus, we talk about the Holy Ghost, the same person. He’s our strength and our standby. He will go with you everywhere to be in close fellowship with you.

He came to take away sin, it’s not about going to church because there are many people in church today who do not have the life of God. But those who have the life of God do not have sin in them. No more fear, inferiority, condemnation, dirt, before God. You can stand boldly in the presence of God.

Righteousness is not attained, you are made righteous through Christ and this is why you can access the presence of God even if you mess up. Do not run! Come to Jesus as you are, he will accept you.

When you have Jesus, you have eternal life, and eternal life is Jesus. Stop waiting till you breathe your last, Jesus is not coming for your body, he is coming for you.

There is another experience once you are born again, it is the baptism of the Holy Spirit by immersion.

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