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Bishop Mike Okonkwo – Engaging the Holy Ghost

Bishop Mike Okonkwo – Engaging the Holy Ghost

Christianity is a relationship, and every relationship needs to be serviced. It ought to be robust. In our relationship with God, there are things that need to be an ongoing basis, a few things we do not need to let go like our prayer life which enforces the defeat of the devil. There are some aspect of life that need prayers to break into, learn to break through using prayers.

At times prayers cannot break through, but praises can. Sometimes you can pray amiss but you can never praise amiss. The beautiful thing about praises is that you don’t need to be on the right key to praise God.

Another example is giving. When a believer has to be pushed or cajoled to give, then we need to doubt the Christianity of such believer. Jesus is a giver and he demonstrated it in diverse ways.

If you neglect the Holy Ghost, you have missed the whole point. He is so vital in all sectors of our life. There’s no one who yields to the Holy Ghost that will not be ahead of his pairs.

There are many things we don’t know that the Holy Ghost will reveal to us when we know him. It is only the word of God that can give us access to our desires. We need the Holy Ghost in everything we do. Understand that when you are dealing with the Holy Spirit, you engage with God.

Hebrew 1:1-3.

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