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“Even the righteousness of God which is by faith of Jesus Christ unto all and upon all them that believe: for there is no difference:” (Romans 3:22 KJV)

Since the fall of Adam, man has been struggling with the word: “righteousness”. This is because the major damage done to man as a result of the fall is that the enemy destroyed our righteousness. Most of us in the Church world think we understand but we don’t. Until we come to the reality of our righteousness, we cannot come to the level of dominion ordained for us by God. We will be living under accusation and guilt for all the wrongs that we have done and then we will not have the boldness to confront the enemy. Any time you try to confront him, he jumps on your shoulders and instead of confronting your confrontation and attacking your attackers you pull back.

Righteousness is your right standing before God. It is standing as though sin does not exist. Righteousness is standing without guilt, condemnation and accusation. Righteousness is standing with the confidence that the devil has nothing on you. Righteousness is standing on equality or on the same platform with God. Righteousness is your bill of right before God. It is your DNA. It is the life of God in you. It is standing as Adam and Eve stood in the Garden of Eden before they sinned. It is the ability to stand before God like Jesus Christ. It is the ability to understand that you have been discharged from sin, acquitted, no appeal and the case is closed.

In the Old Testament the sins of the Israelites were transferred to animals and the innocence of the animals were transferred to them when they made sin sacrifices. The High Priest only looked out for the qualification of the animal they brought. If the animal was accepted, then the individual was accepted. In the same vein, God is not looking at you but at Jesus because all your righteousness is like filthy rags before him. If Jesus is alright, then you are alright. If Jesus is accepted, you are accepted. The sacrifice of Jesus is once and for all. It is perfectly perfect and completely complete. Never to be repeated again. Your assignment as a believer is to believe and receive the benefits.

Further Reading: Romans 5:17-21, 2 Corinthians 5:21, Romans 4:1-6

Daily Bible Reading: Morning- Numbers 5-6; Evening- Mark 4:1-20

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