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“Let them praise his name in dance; strike up the band and make great music!”
Psalm 149:3 (MSG)


Today, no matter where you are put on a good music and give the Lord a dance offering. Dance before Him not because every desire has manifested, but dance before Him in trust that He that has promised is faithful and He will do it.

Praise God for His mercies over your life. Praise Him for the seen and unseen miracles. Praise Him for members of your family. Praise Him for His preservation over the years. Stop and think. Take a moment to think of all that the Lord has done for you this year. Think of the air that you breathe; think of the fact that, in spite of the population increase, we are not short of air to breathe and yet it is free of charge. Can you imagine that? If air was for a fee, do you think you could afford it?

Think of your salvation. Out of the multiplied billions all over the world, He saved you. Yes, Jesus died for everyone, but not everyone has come to the realisation of the finished work of Calvary. God singled you out and opened your eyes to see and you accepted Him as your Lord. He died just for you and He saved you free of charge. Again, stop and think: can you pay for your salvation? No matter how wealthy you may be, you cannot buy your salvation.

Beloved, if you can only think, you will burst for thanking Him and rejoicing in His goodness. Stop and make melody in your heart unto the Lord. Thank Him sincerely, not out of compulsion, but out of love. Give Him the sacrifice of thanksgiving, which is the fruit of your lips, and as you do, get ready because the heaven over you is opened and blessings are pouring out. You must have heard it said over and over again that when praises go up, blessings come down. It is not a religious cliché, it is real and it is my prayer that as you praise God today, you will experience incredible miracles and long-standing cases will give way in Jesus’ name.

Further Reading: Psalm 149:1-9; Psalm 150:1-6
Daily Bible Reading: Morning- Hosea 1-4; Evening- Revelation 1

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