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Daily Confession 5th May – 11th May 2019

Daily Confession 5th May – 11th May 2019

I believe that Jesus Christ died for my sins. He rose again triumphant over death, grave and hell. He is sitting at the right hand of the Father God from where He will come to take me home. I am glad that I am saved, sanctified and filled with the Holy Ghost. While I am waiting for Him, I will live my life here to please Him.

In this year of above only, all spoilers of destiny, wicked people assigned to destroy what God has purposed for my life are destroyed in Jesus Name. I will never stop half way. Every good journey I have started, shall be completed and I will recover all.Restoration is coming to me. (Colo 2:15, Isai 61:7

Everywhere I go,
favour will speak for me. Every delay in my life is lifted in Jesus name. The rod of the wicked will never dwell upon my lot. My teeth will not be set on edge. Every negative word spoken over my life is nullified. (Ps 5:12, Ps 125:3, Jer 31:29)

The forces of retrogression, fear and manipulation are rendered impotent in my life. My children will not be vagabonds. They will excel in every area of their lives. Only good news will be heard from my camp and my increase will not go to caterpillars. Strangers will not plunder my goods and I will eat the fruits of my labour(Deu 31:8, 2Kings 7:6-10, Ps 128:2)

I am a firm believer in the word of God; and I know that whatever the word cannot give me does not exist. And I do not need it. I stand boldly on the word of God and the word will produce in my life. Therefore, I am convinced beyond every shadow of doubt, that, every word of prophecy and every declaration that has been made over my life this year for good will come to pass. I live under an open heaven. I am an Overcomer (Jn 1:1-3; Heb. 1:3; Is. 44:24-26).

I am a follower of Christ; therefore, I am committed to excellence in all I do. I am a diligent worker and I am dedicated to service in full understanding of God’s call upon my life. I achieve results because God prospers the works of my hands. (Job 37:23; Ps. 148:13; Ps. 150:2; Prov. 12:26).

I treat everyone that comes in contact with me with courtesy; I let the light of God shine through me because I am the extension of God to my world. Every day and in every way, I am getting better: spiritually, physically, financially, mentally, morally and in all my endeavours. (Prov. 4:18; Matt. 5:14; Jn 8:12; Jn 5:37; Jn 14:9; 1 Jn 4:17).

I am called for a purpose, I will fulfill this purpose and I will arrive at God’s ordained destiny for my life. Nothing will cut me short. I will make a formidable impact in my world for the Kingdom.

Therefore, I declare boldly that as I go about my assignment this week, favour will attend my ways. I attract favour anywhere I go.

It is my week of Abundance and Goodness

My week of Increase and overflow

My week of Opportunities and Achievements

My week of Restoration and Release

My week of Grace and Greater Glory

My week of Celebration

My week of All Sufficiency

My week of New Things

My week of Commanded Blessing

My week of Above Only

Evil shall bow before me; the wicked shall bow at my gate.Everywhere I go this week, I carry the goodness of God because there is Power in the word of God!

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