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“But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.” James 1:22 KJV

Yesterday, I talked to you about taking responsibility. Today I am taking it a little farther to dare you to obey the Word to the letter.

Every day you encounter the Word, either in your personal devotion, family altar or in church, don’t just rush through it. Listen for instructions. Be open to hear what the Lord will want you to do. Don’t listen with a mindset of going to talk to someone else; first of all, receive the Word for yourself. Are you a leader, at any level, either at home, in the workplace or in the church? Don’t reduce the study of the Word to the time you are on the roaster to exhort. No! Read the Bible for yourself. It is the manual for your life, not to teach others, but to apply to yourself. It is only when you are a doer of the Word that you qualify to teach others too; otherwise, you will be passing head-knowledge that only excites and does not transform.

When the Word is going out, ask yourself: what adjustments do I need to make in my life to align with the Word? As you listen with a mindset to apply the Word, you will see the Holy Spirit opening your heart to various areas of the Word and showing you the steps to take and as you take those steps, you will enjoy incredible testimonies.

The truth is that God is ever ready to bless His children. All that He will do, He has done. He has perfected the work since eternity, but He is waiting for His children to walk in it.

No matter how God loves you, there are some things He cannot do for you. He has empowered you to do them and the ball is in your court. Don’t try to ‘second-guess’ God; once you receive instructions from His mouth, be quick to obey and watch God perfect all that concerns you.

Further reading: James 1:17-22
Daily Bible Reading: Morning- Gen.18,19 / Evening- Matt. 6: 1-18

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