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“There is that speaketh like the piercings of a sword: but the tongue of the wise is health”. (Proverbs 12:18 KJV)

Parents, without undermining the importance of discipline, it does not matter what your child has done; you must never break his spirit in a bid to correct him. What you say to your child matters more than what the people outside say because you are the parent and the source of life to them. When they make mistakes you can correct them the way the Bible corrects. How does the bible correct? This is seen in how Paul corrected the Corinthian church when he said, “What, don’t you know who you are? It appears you have forgotten your identity. Kings don’t dress like this and queens don’t talk like that”. Do not call your child a prostitute in a bid to make her holy. As faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God; the same way fear comes by hearing Satan’s words.

What do you say about your child or your family? What proceeds from your lips about your children? You will see a clear difference between a child whose spirit has been broken in the family and the one whose spirit has been built. The one with broken spirit doesn’t have security. This is the reason the father started with Jesus by first giving him security. He said before you leave, I know the devil is going to come and challenge your identity; therefore I will give you security. Jesus had not performed any miracle nor done anything, yet the father said; I will give you security. You are my beloved son in whom I am well pleased. Now, when you use the word beloved, there is a dimension of intimacy to it. God said you are not just a son; you are my beloved son in who I am well pleased. I was pleased with you even before you began, and it still remains. So it is not about what you face out there. Before you step out I am pleased with you. Any wonder when the devil came to tempt Jesus, he simply said it is too late. My father has spoken to me and I know who I am. Mind what you say to your children.

Further Reading: Matthew 4:1-11.

Daily Bible Reading: Morning- Leviticus 13; Evening- Matthew 26:26-50

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