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“There failed not ought of any good thing which the LORD had spoken unto the house of Israel; all came to pass.”                          (Joshua 21:45 KJV)


Hebrew 11:6 tells us that without faith it is impossible to please God. Therefore, faith is important because you cannot access the throne of God without faith and you cannot war a good warfare without it either. Hebrew 3:14 says if you want to be a partaker of God you have to hold on to faith. “For we are made partakers of Christ, if we hold the beginning of our confidence steadfast unto the end;” All these scriptures underscore the importance of faith and an indication that you cannot afford to let go of faith.

Hebrews 6:12 says “That ye be not slothful, but followers of them who through faith and patience inherit the promises.” The promise cannot be obtained without faith. Hear this, whenever God makes a promise to you, He is not telling you what He is about to do. He is giving you advance information of what He has already accomplished in eternity. Now the onus lies on you to hold on steadfastly to His promise. If anyone is to quit, it should not be you. Keep standing!

But what do I do when my faith seems to be failing? When it seems God’s promises are too good to be true, when you cannot understand what is going on. What do you do? When God who has been speaking suddenly keeps quiet. After you were told to pray and you prayed, they said you should praise God and you praised God, they said dance, you danced, they said fast, you fasted and yet everything seems to be growing worse. What do you do?

This is when you switch to trusting God. Faith is confidence and trust is commitment. What this means is that even when you can’t hear Him, you know He is still at work. He is in conference working out things on your behalf. You may not be able to explain it, but you remain committed, knowing somehow, He will work it out for your good.

Further Reading: Job 14:14, Hebrews 10:35-39

Daily Bible Reading: Morning- Deuteronomy 13-15; Evening- Mark 12:28-44


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