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“He Who sits in the heavens laughs; the Lord has them in derision [and in supreme contempt He mocks them].” Ps. 2:4 (AMP)


You are God’s child and as He is, so are you. This means that God expects you to take the same position with Him and laugh at the devil. When your Father in heaven is laughing, why are you panicking? One of the major strategies of the devil is to cage you in the place of fear. Fear like it has been rightly interpreted, is False Evidence Appearing Real.


Fear is a major tool of the devil that he uses to kill the people of God, but today I have come to challenge you to stop him. Don’t give in to his tricks, stand like your Father in heaven and when the devil comes like a flood, because you know that the Lord has already raised a standard against him, rather than panic you laugh.


Your ability to laugh in the face of challenges is based on the truth of the Word of God you know, so I challenge you today to take time to study the Word of God. Like Paul encouraged Timothy, even so I encourage you today to study to show yourself approved unto God. The more of the Word of God you study, the more aware you are of your rights and privileges in God.


Take time today to begin to study the Word. Take a translation you are most comfortable with, it does not have to be the King James Version, take any translation and set out time to study the Word and as you do, you build your spirit man and then you can withstand any arrow of the devil knowing that your victory is assured. Interestingly, we are in the holiday season, take advantage of it to start a Bible study habit. The more of the Word you know, the more secure and relaxed you will be. So, why panic? Be in the company of God and laugh at the devil because you are already an overcomer.


Further reading: 2 Tim. 2: 1- 15; Ps. 2: 1 – 9

Daily Bible Reading: Morning- Habakkuk; Evening- Revelation 15

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