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“In righteousness, thou shall be established.” Isaiah 54:14


There are revelations in the scripture you must be established in. You must be founded in them. You must stick and secure yourself in righteousness. As long as you don’t understand righteousness you cannot function as God on earth and yet that is God’s intention. He wants you to rule over your circumstances. When the devil attacks you, he attacks the image of God. Righteousness was bestowed on you so that you can do right.

The devil’s assignment is to damage your understanding of righteousness. We have been taught over time to believe that we have to do right to be righteous. That is taking it backwards. You don’t have to work for righteousness, it’s in a believers’ DNA. We are made in the image of God. God made you righteous so that you have a right standing with Him. Adam hid himself from God because he sinned. If you hide from God, who will help you?

Child of God, righteousness is your bill of Rights. You are to wave it in the face of the devil at every point in time. Righteousness was given to you so that you can stand before God without any sense of sin, inferiority or condemnation. You are to stand before God as if sin does not exist because once you are a believer, He forgives and forgets your wrongdoings.

Your personal works of righteousness are like filthy rags before God; they are dirty(Isaiah 54:6). If your personal works are dirty, then you cannot afford to neglect the free gift of Jesus – the righteousness that gives you freedom to approach God boldly.

Live in this knowledge today and put the devil to shame. It is well with you.


Further Reading: Romans 5:17

Daily Bible Reading: Morning- Gen 38,39,40/ Evening- Mathew 11


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