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“But to him that worketh not, but believeth on him that justifieth the ungodly, his faith is counted for righteousness.” (Romans 4:5 KJV)

Beloved, don’t go about with the mentality that you are a sinner. You cannot imagine how many believers who the devil keep telling that they are still sinners. You cannot be born again and still be a sinner. Righteousness is a gift given to you by God. You did not work for it or earn it. It is the decision of God to give you the gift the moment you invited Jesus Christ as the Lord of your life. This means that every believer is righteous. Say to yourself, I am righteous.

Now, you may say, Brother Mike, I still commit sin. But I say that all of us commit sin. Now, I can imagine your religious antenna going up. This is because we have classified sin. We assume that if we are not fornicators or adulterers, we have not sinned but that is not true. If I read my bible correctly, it says that if you have kept all the commandments and offend in one, you have failed in all. It says whatever is not of faith is sin and that if you know how to do good and you fail to do it, you have sinned. Jesus said if you look at a woman and lust after her, it is sin. If you are angry with your brother, it is sin. The Bible says the wages of sin is death and the free gift of God is eternal life.

Now, based on the above explanation of sin from the Bible, nobody can claim to be free and there would have been no hope if grace did not intervene. Beloved, the day you gave your life to Christ, God declared that you were righteous and you automatically gained access into his presence, without any fear, inferiority or condemnation. There is therefore now no condemnation to them who are in Christ Jesus.

All you need to do is to be in Christ and the devil can do you no harm. You have to leverage on your righteousness before God. 1 Corinthians 15:34 says “Awake to righteousness and sin not…” In other words, if I am not awake to the fact that I have been made righteous, I will continue to sin.

Further Reading: Romans 3:20-28; 4:1-12

Daily Bible Reading: Morning- Numbers 7-8; Evening- Mark 4:21-41

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