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“For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also” James 2:26


I can see mixed reactions to our study for today. For some, “Praise God, we have been saying it, this grace message it is not all about faith, there must be works,” and I hear them heave a sigh of relief. But I also see the others wondering in confusion, “I thought you taught us that it was all finished on the cross, so which one is the works now!”. Before you go a step further, I need you to pray this loud: LORD OPEN MY EYES. Now you are ready to come to God with a heart to receive.

When the Bible talks about “works” what exactly does it mean? I am going to let scriptures interpret itself for you so that you can be clear and delivered once and for all from every bondage of misconception. Let’s look at James 2 verse 21 “Was not Abraham our father justified by works, when he had offered Isaac his son upon the alter?”. Question: Was Isaac actually offered on the altar? The answer is No. But God saw Abraham’s act of faith as the sacrifice.

So what is the work that Abraham did? He believed God. In spite of the extreme instruction, he was ready to do it. So what is the work? The work is to believe God unconditionally. Don’t just have a mental assent to faith – Nodding in agreement while thinking of plan B. Follow God fully – hook, line, sinker, boat, water and even the stones under the water. Let the word of God be the final authority in your life. Believe God and be ready to obey, no matter what the circumstances look like, knowing that faithful is He who has promised, who will also do it.

So what work did Abraham do? He believed God. What work must you do? Simply believe God. Tomorrow I will take it further. Don’t rush to read tomorrow’s devotional, take time to mediate on this word.

Further Reading: James 2:20-26

Daily Bible Reading: Morning- Gen 20, 21, 22 / Evening- Matt: 6:19-34

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