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1 Samuel 3:7 (KJV)
Now Samuel did not yet know the LORD, neither was the word of the LORD yet revealed unto him.

When I challenged you to let the word of God define you, it is simply a call to function in the revelation of who you are. In our scripture today, the young boy Samuel, was living in the house of God, yet He did not yet know God. Thank God He did not allow arrogance to get the better part of Him. He knew there was so much He did not know, and in spite of the fact He was living with an old Prophet, He still respected Him and learnt from Him. His submission to authority was the tool God used to mature Him. When God called out to him three different times, he ran to the Prophet each time and on the third count, the Prophet perceived God was calling him and gave him the key that launched him into ministry.

In the same way, God desires that you function by revelation. But He has put people along your path that will teach you the things you do not know. You must be humble to learn. Look at Paul, when He met Jesus on the way to Damascus and was blind for a season, it was an unknown brother, Ananias, that God used to restore His sight. Paul functioned by revelation.

Paul functioned by revelation to the extent that he could declare: “For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” (Philippians 1:21 KJV) Apostle Paul was saying I am not afraid of death. They said to him that the devil wants to kill you. He said no, he cannot kill me. I still have books to write. There are books inside me. Until I finish it, no one can kill me. He said I am in-between two opinions, not knowing what to choose. Notice that he was the one making the choice, not death knocking at his door. He was the one telling death “get out of here”. That is the same way God wants you and I to function. May the Lord open your eyes on understanding in Jesus’ name.

Further Reading: 1 Corinthians 2:6-16
Daily Bible Reading: Morning- 2 Samuel 14-15; Evening- Luke 17:1-19

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