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“Forever, O LORD, thy word is settled in heaven.” Psalm 119.89 KJV


Beloved, you are called to believe what God said. Believe, don’t try to understand. God’s instructions are not meant to be understood, they are meant to be believed. Each time you are reading God’s promises, He is not telling you what He wants to do. Rather, He is telling you what He has already done. Everything you need is already packaged. Your healing is already packaged. Your breakthrough is already packaged. The question is can you believe? Who has believed our report and to whom is the arm of the Lord revealed? (Isaiah 53:1) It is whosoever believes the report that will see the arm of God.


In Joshua 6:1, the scripture says, “Jericho was straightly shut because of the children of Israel, none went in and none went out”. Jericho was shut down to ensure that the Israelites didn’t take hold of God’s promise to them. Jericho was the city that they had to conquer, on the road to possessing their inheritance. “And the Lord said unto Joshua; See I have given into thine hand, Jericho…” (Joshua 6:2 KJV). Notice that God didn’t say “I will give”, He said, “I have given into thine hands Jericho”. In other words, it is already done.


Yes, the walls of Jericho are so thick that vehicles can drive on them, but it is already done. You cannot penetrate the walls, but Jehovah said I have given it to you and you are not going to fire a shot. You only have to go around it once a day for six days and on the seventh day, blow the trumpet. That was not conventional! How do you handle that? The enemies are all on the walls with their bows and arrows and machetes and you are telling me that I should just keep on going around. It requires believing to receive and run with such instructions.

Be determined today to believe and run with every instruction. It is already done. Just believe and receive. Your destiny will not be aborted.


Further reading: Joshua: 6:1-20, Hebrews 11:30

Daily Bible Reading: Morning- 1 Samuel 27-29; Evening- Luke 13:1-22


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