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“Then Jephthah went with the elders of Gilead, and the people made him head and captain over them….” (Judges 11:11 KJV)

The bible introduced Jephthah to us as a mighty man of valour but noted that he was the son of a harlot. He was a product of his father’s mess and as such the mother was not living with the father. According to the Jewish tradition Jephthah could not inherit his father’s property, because the Bible says the son of a harlot cannot come into the congregation unto the third generation.

This young man was born but it looked as though he had no future and nobody was ready to speak for him. And so, one day, his half-brothers got up and said to him you shall not inherit our father’s property with us because, you are the son of a harlot. When this was happening, the prophetic hand of God was already pointing at Jephthah for a lifting. When God’s appointed time finally came, the elders of Gilead brought him back, and made him “head and captain over them”. In the same place where he was abused and ridiculed, there he was lifted and celebrated.

You may be passing through a difficult time right now because God has earmarked you for a lifting. This is your moment. You are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a peculiar people, a holy nation, set aside to show forth the praises of him who has called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.

You will not be disappointed. The hand of God will manifest in your life. No matter what the devil may do, you will get there. You are going to sing your song, bake your cake, light your candle, dance your dance and no devil can stop you.

Further Reading: Judges 11:1 – 11, Romans 8:28

Daily Bible Reading: Morning- Exodus 31-33; Evening- Matthew 22:1-22


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