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“And when they had this done, they enclosed a great multitude of fishes: and their net brake.”
(Luke 5:6 KJV)
The scriptures tells us that after Jesus had finished using Peter’s boat to preach, he turned to Peter and said, Peter cast your net into the deep for a draught. What sort of instruction was that? Jesus you are a carpenter and not a fisherman.  How can you instruct me? These are some questions that probably flashed through Peter’s mind. We are not talking about spiritual position now but spiritual authority. Even though I don’t understand your instruction, nevertheless at your word I will cast in my net, Peter said: I love God. Jesus said: I am not talking about one net. Go and bring all your nets because I am the God that multiplies. When I am ready to bless, I will blow your mind.

When God tells you he will bless you, believe him. I have walked with God for over 40 years. What I am sharing with you is the infallible and errorless word of God. I am sharing with you my experience with the word of God. And I urge you to pay attention to it. You will not fail. I am assuring you that in this season God will blow your mind. What doctors say cannot be done, the God that you and I serve will honour his word in your life. He will exceed your imagination. He will open doors for you and make your miracles speak for you. Get ready for a draught. You are believing God for a child, get ready for twins, triplet and quadruplet. God will exceed your expectations. Don’t ever give up hope. The fact that it did not happen yesterday does not mean that there is no another day. Every day is the day that the Lord has made for us to rejoice and be glad in it. Your joy is coming.  No witch, no wizard, and no satanic force will rob you of your joy. Your joy is coming and it will affect your business, your job, your marriage, your finance, your academics, your health, your womb and nothing will stop it.

Further Reading:  Luke 51-7, Ephesians 3:20
Daily Bible Reading: Morning- Esther 1-2; Evening- Acts 5:1-21

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