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“Thou shall arise and have mercy upon Zion, for the time to favour her, yea, the set time, is come”. Psalms 102:13


Today, I want to speak into your life. I declare that you will not be small. You will not go down. Your expectations will never be cut off. It is your time to be celebrated. God is compressing time for you. He’s doing a quick work in righteousness. Never expect anything less than progress in your life. We will hear about you. The world will hear about you. Whether they like it or not; they will hear from you. David did not beg them to hear from him. He said, Goliath, I have a connection with God; therefore, you are coming down.


Goliath never expected what came to him, while he was looking down at David, the stone hit him and he was down. Same way, the world will be shocked when you emerge. You will emerge suddenly. They have probably looked down on you over time, but that is changing. Whatever causes men to despise you, is removed. From today you are entering a position of rest you have never seen before. Rest in your business, rest in your family, rest in your job, rest in your accommodation and rest in your academics. I declare to you by the mandate of heaven, you will be the greatest in your field of life. I decree: let the wave of progress come on you and overtake you now in Jesus’ Name.


You are a sign. You are a wonder. Covenant will speak for you in high places. You will never be defeated. You will not see shame. My God will compress time for you. The world will celebrate you. As you go about your assignment today, expect only good things to come your way. I have repeatedly said that God is good and so He can only dispense good things. You will not miss your portion. Favour will locate you in Jesus’ Name. I bless you.


Further reading: Psalms 102:12-22

Daily Bible Reading: Morning- Deuteronomy 32-34; Evening- Mark 15:26-47

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