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Success in life is not about your qualification. It is about what God does for you. It is not about your works and efforts. It is about the finished work of Christ. The Grace of God reminds you that as you go out there, don’t think you are alone. The whole of heaven is behind you and there is no way you can fail. Failure has been deleted from the dictionary of a believer because of Grace.

Abraham saw himself as a failure. He was already retiring. But God said to him, your life is starting now. God attached his own name to Abram, that is why the name became Abraham. In other words, Abraham, whether you like it or not, you are not going to die a failure. I will attach my name to your name and barrenness will disappear.

We must receive Grace as a revelation and expect it to work for us. Not because of us but because of Him. That is why we always use Apostolic Benediction at the end of every service. May the grace our Lord Jesus Christ…In other words, when you are going out, know that you are carrying something that the devil has no answer for. It is called Grace. They said that your name should not be there. Grace says put his name there. If his name has not entered there, then no other name will be there.

Every challenge answers to grace. Your present situation will bow to grace. Grace will overrule for you. Isaac sowed in a land of famine, in the same land where everyone was running from, and grace said to Isaac because you sowed, I will change the whole land for your sake. He reaped an hundred fold in the same year because grace changed the entire soil. Grace will change your situation. Grace will overrule for you.

Further reading: Genesis 17:1-8; Genesis 26: 12-16; Romans 5:1-21

Daily Bible Reading: Morning- Isaiah 50-52; Evening- 1 Thessalonians 5

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