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“For sin shall not have dominion over you: for ye are not under the law, but under grace.” (Romans 6:14 KJV)

Jesus Christ came with righteousness as a gift and until you receive it as a gift you can’t live for God. Holiness is the fruit and righteousness is the root. You must receive the root before the fruit will show up. When you receive righteousness as a gift and begin to meditate on the word of God, the fruits of holiness will naturally show up. You will not struggle to produce the fruits of holiness because it is the by-product of the righteousness you received as a gift.

You can’t labour to get righteousness. The moment you gave your life to Christ, you were made righteous; just as you were made a sinner the moment you were born. It is not the wrong that you did that made you a sinner; it is because you were born a sinner. You were imbued with the nature of sin and so you began to do wrong things. But God terminated that nature and gave you his own nature of righteousness. You no longer have the nature of sin, but the nature of God and because of this you are bound to produce what is good.

Some people will say, Brother Mike, this message of grace will make people to sin. No way! If you take a fish out of the water and put it on the ground it cannot swim again. If you remove what makes a lion to roar it cannot roar again.  God removed from us what makes us sinners and put in us what will make us live like him. Therefore, there is no way you will be gravitating towards sin. It may not happen overnight but gradually, you will discover that you are running towards God because the nature of God is in you. You have God in you. You can’t sin. The sins that are manifesting are the residuals of those the enemy put in you. However, as you begin to renew your mind, gradually, you’ll discover you are no longer doing them again. You will see yourself gravitating towards God.

Further Reading: Romans 6:1 – 18

Daily Bible Reading: Morning- Numbers 1-2; Evening- Mark 3:1-19

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