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“Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith;…” Hebrews 12:2.

God has not left us without a witness. When you shift focus from yourself in the time of challenges and focus on him, he will flex his muscles on your behalf. That is the way God functions. When Leah was focused on herself and was dropping babies like tomato, all in an attempt to get  Jacob to love her, she struggled. She dropped Reuben and said now I can have the love of my husband but Jacob didn’t look at her direction.  But when she dropped Judah which stands for praise and said let me leave my husband alone and start praising God, things changed for her.  

The enemy, in these last days, wants you look at yourself. And when you look at yourself, I guarantee that you will see weakness. At his best, man is still man. The enemy is trying to pressurize you to look at yourself and judge if God loves you or not. He says if God loves you, why are you like this. Didn’t he say he answers prayers. If he does, why are your prayers not answered. If God loves you why is it that you cannot pay your rent or hospital bill or school fees? His intention is to draw you away from the place of the Word. The enemy knows that if he succeeds in preventing you from sitting under the word, then you are already a dead meat. But let him beat you to the ground, the moment you smell the scent of water of the word, you are going to sprout again.

Every believer has the capacity to spring a surprise on the devil no matter what he brings. God knows how to speak to anyone because he is God. Don’t ever reduce him to the class of men. He is the almighty. Therefore it is important that you take your eyes off yourself. Focus on him and let him show you all things. He that started a good work in you will complete it. You will never be an abandoned project.  

Further Reading: Genesis 29:21 – 35, Job 14: 7 – 9
Daily Bible Reading: Morning- Job 5-7; Evening- Acts 8:1-25

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