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“Let us labour therefore to enter into that rest, lest any man fall after the same example of unbelief.”

Hebrews 4:11 (KJV)


Some people will be excited to see the title for today’s reading because the message of grace has been too easy. Since the fall, man became conscious of doing. Man wanted to do something, to earn the grace of God. But God says, Grace cannot be paid for by any man, Jesus paid it all so, it is totally free.

In our scripture today, Paul writing to the believers in Hebrew called them to a peculiar type of labour, which every believer must engage in and that is to labour to enter into the rest of God. It sounds contradictory, but that is the truth. Labour to enter into His rest. Stop doing, start believing. If you believe right, you will do right. Believing must come before doing. You must accept who you are in Christ for you to walk in Him.

The greatest sin of the believer is “unbelief”. Don’t get hooked up in doubt. In Hebrews 3, God swore that some people will not enter into His rest. Guess who they were? They were those who did not believe. In fact, in verse 12 of Hebrews 4, He called it “an evil heart of unbelief”. Think of it, if you promised to give a child a pencil because you have a warehouse full of pencils and you tell the child, I have more than you need so the pencil is guaranteed, and the child still goes around begging for a pencil, will you not feel insulted? How much more God, who is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that you can ask or think, yet you go around looking for help after you have prayed. You are simply saying, “though God said it, I don’t think He has the capacity to do it, so let me help myself”. Then to worsen it, you quote “heaven helps those who help themselves” beloved, that is a lie from the pit of hell. God is looking for those who can dare to believe and follow Him and He is calling you today to labour to enter into His rest.


Further Reading: Hebrews 4:1-9

Daily Bible Reading: Morning- 1 Kings 14-15; Evening- Luke 22:31-46

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