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“And Jesus took the loaves, and when He had given thanks, He distributed it to the disciples and the disciples to them that were set down…” John 6:11


Have you wondered why Jesus was always getting results and why He was never stranded during His Earthly Ministry? It is because He was consistent with thanksgiving. He always gave thanks to God in everything. They told Him that five thousand people were there and they only had five loaves and two fishes. He said, Lord, thank you for the five loaves and two fishes; and when He gave thanks, the bread and fishes multiplied. You see, Jesus gave thanks even in the midst of “not enough”. He said, make them sit down and they all sat down. After giving thanks, He gave His disciples to distribute to them and the miracle happened in the hands of the disciples. Eventually, they went back home with twelve filled baskets.


Jesus is teaching us that we must learn to appreciate God always. Wake up in the morning and say: “Thank you Lord; you are good to me. Thank you for my children. They may have failed examinations but thank you Lord because they have not lost their minds. Thank you Lord because they are not hospitalized. Thank you, Lord. I may not have gotten everything together, but my bills are being paid.  I can put food on my table today. I don’t know about tomorrow but today you gave me food. Thank you, Lord. I didn’t lose my mind. I am not hospitalized. It is your doing.” Thank Him. You are not better than those in the asylum or in the hospitals.


Jesus came to the tomb of Lazarus and He said: “Father, I thank thee that thou hast heard me. And I know that thou hearest me always ….” (John 11:41-42 KJV). “There is no time I pray you don’t hear me; this one will not be an exception”. As a result, He could call Lazarus to come forth and the miracle took place. That was the secret of Jesus while on earth. No wonder He was never stranded. Child of God, learn to appreciate God always.


Further reading: John 6:1-13; Matthew 15:32-39

Daily Bible Reading: Morning- Deuteronomy 7-9; Evening- Mark 11:19-33

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