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”Enlarge the place of thy tent, and let them stretch forth the curtains of thine habitations: spare not, lengthen thy cords, and strengthen thy stakes” Isaiah 54:2


Today, I come your way to challenge you to make room for greatness. The best time to plan for the future is today. The future you do not plan for may never manifest; not because God does not want to bless you, but because you did not plan for it.


All truths are parallel. Have you seen a farmer who plans on Acres of land and has no plan for harvest? Have you seen a farmer go to the field to harvest without a plan for storage or sale? Have you seen a farmer who uses 3 hectares to farm and does not build a barn to store the harvest? If in the natural, you know how to prepare for harvest, why not in the spiritual. Have you forgotten that all truth is parallel?


If a farmer plants rice on an acre of land and does not plan for the harvest, if he takes care of the farm diligently the harvest will come, but because he is not prepared, the produce will go bad in his hands. Now, who will you blame for the loss? Is it God who gave the increase or the man who prayed and waited for increase without a plan?


Let me ask you, if the Lord answers all your prayers, can you handle the result? You want to become CEO of your organization, if the vacancy appears today, will you qualify? That is where the rubber meets the road. Prepare for greatness, luck is nothing but opportunity meeting preparation. Prepare for the greatness. Ask yourself, what do I need to put in place to get the harvest? If there is a course you need to do, go and get it done. If there is a plan you need to set in motion, the time to start is now.


Don’t sit down, fold your hands and expect the greatness to fall on you like a bag of cherries, play your part and God will exceed your expectations.


Further Reading: Isaiah 54:1-3

Daily Bible Reading: Morning- Daniel 11-12; Evening- Jude


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