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And one went in, and told his lord, saying, Thus and thus said the maid that is of the land of Israel.” 2 Kings 5:4 (KJV)


Yesterday, we looked at not despising anyone. Our scripture for today is the story of a “Great” man, a captain, a mighty man, yet a leper. He had all the necessary accolades, but he was a leper. I am sure he had concluded that he would die in his leprosy, until he came across a little maid. The Bible did not just call her a maid, but qualified her as “little”. I am sure this maid was treated well in the house of Naaman. Though a maid, she could talk to Naaman’s wife and give an opinion. That goes to some people whose subordinates cannot talk to them. Beloved, no matter how high you get in life, never get to a position where no one can talk with you or give counsel. She realise that what she was talking about is a no-go area – A challenge in the life of the Mighty man that ordinarily she should be afraid of ever talking about. But the niceness of the mistress to her must have compelled her to offer the advice. She realised that no matter what she said, the mistress would look beyond her size to read her heart. Because of the way she had been treated, she felt compelled to also give back and that led to the restoration of Naaman’s health.

Even Naaman, when he got to Elisha and was told to dip 7 times in Jordan, was vexed and refused. But his servants compelled him and he obeyed. That speaks volume about this mighty man.

Stop and think; those around you, will they look for opportunities to help you or to destroy you? The maid in your house, the subordinates in your office, the younger people in your locality, how are you treating them? It is food for thought. If you are wanting in this area, ask the Lord to help you and consciously work on it, remember, we all need each other. Life is all about interdependency. We all need one another.


Further Reading: 2 Kings 5: 1-14

Daily Bible Reading: Morning- Gen 31, 32 / Evening- Matthew 9:18-38


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