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“And they found an Egyptian in the field, and brought him to David, and gave him bread, and he did eat; and they made him drink water” 1 Samuel 30:11 (KJV)


In the journey of life, God is so humorous, he can put the answer you are looking for in the hand of a servant. Don’t look down on anyone. Be open to all, ready to help, for you never know who you will need tomorrow.

On Tuesday, we read the story of David being robbed by the Amalekites. He had an assurance from God to pursue the enemy that he will overtake and recover all, but God never told him of the Egyptian on the way. Put on your imagination for a second: what would have happened if David had killed the Egyptian or even ignored him? Did God assure him that he would recover all? Yes, He did; but I doubt if David would have realised that promise if he had despised the Egyptian.

Child of God, no one is an island. You need people if you must succeed in your journey of life; so make it a habit to be nice. Be courteous, whether you know the person or not. There are times that riches actually come dressed in rags. The cleaner today might be the answer to a major challenge tomorrow. The child you help through school today, might be the doctor that will save your life tomorrow.

David picked up the Egyptian, gave him food and water and he became the compass to find the enemy. Let us flip the coin, can you imagine if the Amalekite did not abandon the Egyptian? They thought he was useless, they left him to die, but he became the link David had to find them. Learn from this story, never leave a wounded soldier to die. Your brother or sister may have missed it and appear wounded, lend them a helping hand, you never know what life will throw your way tomorrow. Don’t despise anyone, everyone God has brought your way is for a purpose. Be sensitive and don’t throw away your helper unknowingly.

Further Reading: 1 Samuel 30:10-20

Daily Bible Reading: Morning- Gen. 29, 30 / Evening- Matt: 9:1-17


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