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“But the LORD was with Joseph, and shewed him mercy, and gave him favour in the sight of the keeper of the prison.” Genesis 39:21


While you are waiting for the promise of God to come to pass, no matter what the situation is, please do not get bitter. Learn from Joseph this morning. Imagine a young man with very promising future, who for no crime of his got sold into slavery by his own brothers. Think of it. If you were in his shoes, what will you do? Joseph had every right to be bitter, but not him, he served everywhere with all of his heart.


In slavery, he was sold to Potiphar. He could have been grouchy and sad, but not Joseph. He served with all his heart and earned the trust of his master to the point where the man committed the entire house to this young lad. Instead of his service to keep him promoted, it landed him in jail because his master’s wife had her eyes on him and he will not succumb and his faithfulness landed him in jail. Think of it, if you were the one, will you still serve joyfully? But Joseph did.


In the prison, he still remained steadfast and pretty soon, the keeper of the prison put him in charge again. If you were in his shoes, will you accept the responsibility, or will you remind him of how your goodness landed you in prison and refuse to serve? Joseph not only accepted the responsibility, but he also did it with all his heart. Otherwise how else would he have noticed that the butler and baker were sad? He knew because he took ownership of the assignment and served faithfully. Guess what? It was that service that gave him the promotion to the palace.


When the king had a dream, it was not Potiphar that spoke well of Joseph, it was the Butler. So I encourage you to remain steadfast; don’t let the situation you are going through now define you. It is only a passing through and pretty soon, you will come forth with testimonies. Stay positive, stay focused, God has not forgotten you.


Further Reading: Genesis 39:19-23

Daily Bible Reading: Morning- Ezekiel 45-46; Evening- 1 John 2

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