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Dearly beloved, as we climax the age, the plan of God is that you will manifest various aspects of His wisdom so that the powers of this world will be shocked at the level you are walking in. Like I would always say, this is the best time for the believer: because while it is getting darker in the world, the believer is shining brighter. This is the finest hour for the church. Ephesians 3:10 {KJV} puts it this way, “To the intent that now unto the principalities and powers in heavenly places might be known by the church the manifold wisdom of God.’’

I come to challenge you today to get ready to manifest the glory of God in your life because this is your time! Get ready to shock your world. Let me remind you that you have all it takes to stun your world. Jesus said in John 14:12 “Greater works shall ye do because I go to my Father.’’ In John 17:18 Jesus clearly said: ‘’As thou hast sent me into the world even so have I also sent them’’. In other words, you were sent with the same mandate like Jesus. In verse 22, He said you were sent with the same glory; which means that you have no excuse not to stun the occult world, the market world, the political world and indeed anywhere the Lord has planted you. You have been called to lead the pack, so no more excuses on why you couldn’t succeed.

In Luke 19, Jesus gave us the charge to ‘’Occupy till I Come’’ The question is how do you occupy if not by the display of unusual wisdom in the world?  Today, the world is in a cup of trembling and they are looking for answers. Like I have always said and it bears repetition, many will kiss the lips of he that has the right answer. The question is do you have the right answers? The world will kiss your lips if you have the answer. They may not like your face, but beloved they will have no choice but to kiss your lips.

To continually display this unusual wisdom, you must be one with the word of God. The measure of the word of God that you have in you will determine how far you will go, so be a stickler for the word. You need to continually feed your spirit man with the word and the word will produce for you. It is as you give the word the place of priority in your life that fresh advancement strategies, insights and concepts will become common place in your life.

In 1 Chronicles 14, David needed to go to battle but first he inquired of the Lord. He needed the winning strategy. He knew that one word from the Lord could make all the difference. Struggles come to an end when you receive the proceeding word. You know what others don’t know and that makes you stand out. In verse 13 of 1 Chronicles 14, the enemy came again, but this time David was given a fresh strategy for battle. Understand that it was the same David, the same enemy, yet a new strategy was needed. That is what puts you at the cutting edge above others.

As I close, I declare that you will not remain where you have always been. Something new, something fresh, something unusual is about to break forth in your life. You will shock your detractors. You will not be denied.  You will win in every competition of life. As a father in the house I bless you.


In His Royal Service

Dr Mike Okonkwo

The Presiding Bishop

TREM Web Administrator
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