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“For I will not trust in my bow, neither shall my sword save me.” (Psalms 44:6 KJV)


David was a man who understood God. He knew who God was and never took God for granted. If you check the life of David in the bible, you will always hear him say, I will go to enquire of the Lord. No wonder the bible says, he was a man after God’s heart. Beloved, everything about you is in the hands of God. Your success is in the hands of God. Your victory is in hands of God. The house you desire is in the hands of God. Your business is in the hands of God. When you pursue after God’s heart, there is no way you will be a failure in life.


The scripture tells us in Psalms 39:5 that the best of men are still men. Every man at his best is still vanity. Understand, therefore, that it is only what God builds that can stand the test of time. When the storm of life comes against you, only God can sustain you. Only God can give victory over the storms of life. You cannot stop storms; they are a part of life. You may not have experienced any, but just keep on living; pretty soon one will show up because victory is not the absence of trouble. Victory is the ability to stand in the face of trouble. Despite the challenge, you are able to overcome.


Beloved, it is only what God builds that can stand. Only God can give you rest. Only God can guarantee a life of victory. Never be in the company of those who depend on their abilities, their human connections and their scholastic expertise. All these have the margin for failure. By strength shall no man prevail! Whosoever therefore, puts his trust on these, has built failure mechanism into his life. Take heed therefore, that you do not take God out of the equation in the pursuit of your goals and life aspirations. Without God, human effort will amount to nothing.


Further Reading: 1 Samuel 2:2-9, Psalms 44:1-8

Daily Bible Reading: Morning- 2 Samuel 21-22; Evening- Luke 18:24-43

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