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“And Pharaoh said, I will let you go, that ye may sacrifice to the Lord your God in the wilderness; only ye shall not go very far away: intreat for me”. (Exodus 8:28 KJV)


Child of God, in your walk with God, you must purpose in your heart to have depth with Christ. Pharaoh said, “…go, but don’t go very far”. Some will say, “Look this Christianity is going too far! What is this? Every day you are reading bible! You are fasting and praying”. If I don’t fast and pray, what do you want me to do? If somebody is intimidated by your prayer and fasting, then I will have to re-evaluate my relationship with that person, because “Iron sharpens iron”.  I like to be around those who will sharpen me when I am weak. I like it when I enter the bedroom and my wife is speaking in tongues. I like it because it is contagious, and I will catch the fire. There are those that try to castigate you for giving your money to the church, and many times, it causes some of us to hold back because we operate with the mindset that the money is going to a man. However, if you consider that the money is being put in the hands of God, for the advancement of His work on earth, then your attitude will change drastically. God rewards you for every money you put in His hands.


Beloved, don’t wait for anyone to beg you to be committed to the service of Christ. These days, Pastors are virtually begging some folks to be committed. Can I ask this question, “What do you consider yourself to be?” Do you know that the supply of air to your nose can be stopped and that will signal the end? God gives you the honour to use the gifts He deposited in your life to serve him, but you are waiting for people to cajole and beg you to serve? I pray that God gives you understanding.


How can you be attending a local church over the years and you are not involved in anything in the church? Not in any group, not in soul winning and not in giving. Then what are you doing there? The devil is deceiving you telling you not to go far and you have agreed with him. He tells you, “Don’t get involved, just stay in the background”.  Beloved, that is a lie from the pit of hell. Yield yourself totally unto Christ and you shall be blessed!


Further Reading: Matthew 13:44-46, Luke 9:59-62

Daily Bible Reading: Morning- 2 Samuel 21-22; Evening- Luke 18:24-43

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