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Rev Sunkanmi Obisesan – Divine Connectivity a Requisite for Commanded Blessing

Rev Sunkanmi Obisesan – Divine Connectivity a Requisite for Commanded Blessing

What a glorious Service!

Rev Sunkanmi Obisesan took us to another level of Commanded Blessing. Today he talked about Divine Connectivity between the father and his children. He defined father as a source and a container. A source where there is continuity, quantity and longevity.

The greatest resource you can receive from a father is not material things but spiritual resources which is BLESSING. Therefore, your spiritual father carries greater grace than your biological father. Can you imagine what happens with your life when your biological and spiritual father blesses you? You are made.

Remember what God said in 1Samuel 2:30 ‘…for them that honor me I will honor…” We do not have the opportunity to pick either our earthly or spiritual father because God makes that to happen. When you honor them, you also honor God. We can honor our father by being obedient and bringing gift to them.

The story of Isaac and Jacob in Genesis 27: 18 – 20 talks about the blessing Isaac passed on to Jacob. 

Below are six reasons why Jacob got Isaacs Blessing

  1. God favored Jacob
  2. God positioned a helper for Jacob
  3. God had helped Jacob to be strategically prepared for this opportunity by applying the law of reproduction
  4. God compressed time for Jacob
  5. God divinely provided what Jacob lacked but greatly needed for the blessing
  6. Jacob’s heart was connected to his father.

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