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“There is one lawgiver, who is able to save and to destroy: who art thou that judgest another?”James 4:12 KJV

I heard of a teacher who conducted a test between two of his students in the class. The teacher brought a sheet of paper, white on one side and black on the other side. He put one student each on either side of the paper. So each student saw a different colour. When the teacher asked what they saw; one said ‘black’ and the other one said ‘white.’ An argument ensued. The teacher then said let me show you. The students now saw that one side was black and one side was white.  It depends on where you are looking from. At times we judge ourselves on things that really mean nothing and then we block the flow of the Holy Spirit. We judge ourselves, kill ourselves, condemn, crucify, roast and eat up ourselves.  And we wonder why God is not answering us.

Beloved, God does not work in an atmosphere where there is strife and where emotions are blown up out of proportion on issues that do not mean anything. Then, if care is not taken, somebody dies. And you didn’t plan to kill the person. Where emotions are not properly managed, marital relationships and businesses would be destroyed. What God has given to you as a vision could be aborted if you allow your emotions to spin out of control. But you can master it.

Speak to God about how you feel. God would show you the different sides of the matter and you would not need to vent your anger and frustrations on any one.

Don’t carry your emotions and explode before somebody. As a group leader, don’t go and explode before people and everyone becomes your problem. Choose communication over judgement. Sometimes, when you really talk about the issue at stake, you will discover that there is nothing to be upset about. You are just looking at the issue from a different perspective.

Further Reading: Luke 6:36-37, Romans 14:13-19

Daily Bible Reading: Morning- Numbers 32-34; Evening- Mark 9:30-50

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