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“But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves”. James 1:22


When prophetic words are released over your life, you need to take the necessary steps in order to see the manifestations. You see, the enemy does not mind the quantity of information you have. As long as you are not acting on them, he is fine. He wants you to be ignorant of the deposits God has put in you to shock your world. But I know you are loaded. So, when the world is pouring garbage, you spew good things. Let them know what you are carrying. Let them know that you don’t carry what they carry.


My heart rejoices when I see people going for it and taking a step of faith. Beloved, you can break barriers, just go for it and refuse to be refused. It is your time!  Whatever field of endeavour you are, I see you excel. You are going to beat established and renowned men in that field.  They are going to look for your products or services.  Believe and receive it. What we do as God’s ministers is to plough out, cultivate and release what is inside you. They have been released already. Start taking steps of faith to manifest them.  I am telling you they are there. Just take the step of faith and you will manifest them.


Have you noticed that so many ladies are coming to the front line today? That is to show you that there is a transition. If you are a man, please don’t get upset. That doesn’t mean you are not involved. It is just to tell you that God is jumping the fence. No longer will anyone say the woman’s place is only in the kitchen. No! Women are powerful and I’ve been saying it for many years now. This end time gospel will not be complete until women take their place. That is prophetic! As far as God is concerned, there is neither male nor female. We are all sons. So, it’s your time. Rise and take your place.


Further reading: James 1:22-25

Daily Bible Reading: Morning- Joshua 4-6; Evening- Luke 1:1-20

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