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“But wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead?” James 2:20 KJV

Many believers are caught in what I will call ‘prayer-paralysis.’ They are so hung up to prayer that they leave everything to God and then fold their hands and expect a miracle. I feel a strong sense of responsibility as we start this year to call you to take responsibility for your life.

One truth that I have repeated often, but still bears repetition is: Any prayer that puts 100% responsibility on God is an irresponsible prayer. What exactly is prayer? Prayer in the simplest form is, fellowshipping with God. In the place of prayer, you are not just talking to God; it is a dialogue (not a monologue), He is also talking to you. When you go to God concerning an issue, listen to hear what instructions He will give you, and then get up and do it.

Imagine someone praying for a job, who stays at home, refuses to write a CV, applies to no organization; he only stays in the room praying and expects the job offer. No! It does not work like that. When you pray concerning a job, put your CV together, attend the employability program where you are trained on writing your CV, preparing for interviews and other necessary skills. Look out for openings – through adverts (online and offline) and one-on-one contacts. Apply job for the job and keep praying. That is how to pray actively. You are in a partnership with God; you have your role and He has His. He will not do for you what He has equipped you to do, no matter how long you pray.

When praying concerning that need, listen to the Holy Spirit for instruction and when He gives you the instruction, no matter how silly it looks to you, obey it and watch God do the rest. Faith and work must go hand in hand.

Further Reading: James 2: 17-23
Daily Bible Reading: Morning- Gen. 16,17 / Evening- Matt. 5:27-48

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