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“By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.” John 13:35 (KJV)


It is ironic that we leave the main issues and focus on the mundane things. We are caught up in what we wear, our hairstyle, style of music etc. when the proof of being a disciple is love one for another. Yesterday, we saw that the commanded blessing is in the place of unity and today, the word to us is to love one another.

Beloved, if we truly walk in love, the things that divide us will disappear. Stop and think about it, how many times do you say the wrong things about someone you love? Even when the person is clearly wrong, you still want to give the benefit of the doubt. You believe the best of the person you love and expect the best from the person; that is the attitude God expects of us towards every Christian. If we can do this, gossip, backbiting and maligning in every form will go and guess what, we will experience the commanded blessing.

We are the Jesus the world is looking at; let us exemplify Him in words, in thought and action. Recall the popular phrase; “What Would Jesus Do (WWJD)”, let us bring it back to the fore. Before you backbite or gossip, ask yourself, will Jesus say this? Before you judge the brother or sister, ask yourself: will Jesus do this? I know you have made your New Year resolution, but in addition to all you have planned to achieve, decide to walk in love. Love, not because of, but love in spite of.  Show the world the love of God. Let the love of God permeate your being and flow to everyone around you. Be the example of Jesus to your world and as you do, you will experience His blessings in every area of your life.


Further Reading: John 13:31-35

Daily Bible Reading: Morning- Gen 4-7, Evening Mathew 2

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