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“Until the time that his word came: the word of the LORD tried him. The king sent and loosed him; even the ruler of the people, and let him go free.” Psalm 105:19-20 KJV

Ever before Jacob went to Egypt, God had already prepared a man and sent him ahead. He said Go in advance. Go ahead and ambush the devil. Beloved, there is a great and divine assignment over your life; that is why the enemy is fighting you so that you would not fulfil it. But I declare that you will not die unsung. I will hear your voice and the world will hear your voice.

Joseph was the man God sent ahead of time to Egypt because His children must go through that land. So, he began to pass through all kinds of difficulties and challenges that he himself did not even know why. But today, we can open the scriptures and find out why we do go through some things we go through.
For Joseph, Potiphar’s house was not the destination. They threw him into jail and he became the head person in the prison. But the prison was also not the destination. He was in prison until God said ‘the time is up.’ When God says the time is up, it is up. Beloved, when something looks as if it will not work, it simply the means time is up. The thing that has held you over the years and it looks as if it would not work; I have come to announce to you that your time is up. Your time of testifying is here. You have been listening to other people’s testimonies, it is now your time. Praise God!
You see, when Joseph was in the prison, they put his feet in fetters. Everything was falling apart for him until the Word of God came to him. There is no deliverance for any person, more especially for God’s people, until the Word comes. The Word has to come to you; and as the Word comes to you, you enter into a time-frame where the Word of God will try you. It will then bring victory and deliverance.

Further Reading: Genesis 45:1-11, Psalm 105:16-22

Daily Bible Reading: Morning- Gen 25, 26 / Evening- Matt. 8:1-17

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