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“Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh: is there anything too hard for me?”

(Jeremiah 32:27 KJV)

Beloved, it is vitally important to know that God is too big to be limited. There was a woman whose womb was removed and God kept promising that he will bless her with children. Her husband who is a pastor said how can that be? And God asked him a question and said upon what is the earth standing? What is holding the earth in place? Of course you know that there is nothing holding it. God said if I can hold the earth in place, is it a baby that I cannot create? One day the lady said to him I don’t know how I am feeling. Reluctantly, they went to the doctor where the womb had been removed and the doctor said I don’t know what is happening but you are pregnant. The pastor said I don’t trust the medical report in Nigeria. Let us go to America and do a checkup. They got to America and to cut a long story short, they were told the lady was pregnant and today they have three children.

Medical report has made it too quick for us to give up on God. We give up on God too easily. We look at everything around that says it can never work, it cannot be, it has never been and we accept it. But you forget that your case is different. Beloved, you must understand that the fight we are involved in, is a fight of faith and not of man. It is a fight where you stand upon the word of God and declare it. When the Lord has spoken but your circumstance is saying no, you have the choice to say, Lord I believe you even though I do not understand.

A song writer sang these words in a song which says, “Don’t give up on God for he won’t give up on you, He’s able.” What makes God who He is, is that He is God and you are not. He can do what you cannot do. So why are you trying to make him a man when He is not? Be still and let Him show Himself as God in your situation.

Further Reading: Genesis 17:1 – 21

Daily Bible Reading: Morning- Leviticus 6-7; Evening- Matthew 25:1-30


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