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“And she caught him by his garment, saying, Lie with me: and he left his garment in her hand, and fled, and got him out.” Genesis 39:12

In the book of Genesis 39:7-9, Potiphar, Joseph’s master was not there but Joseph saw it as wickedness and a sin against God to get involved with Potiphar’s wife. That is a man of integrity! Potiphar’s wife bombarded him and seduced him day by day. She became the first thing Joseph saw in the morning and the last thing he saw in the night. His parents were not there. His brothers had forsaken him. He was alone. All he knew and all he had was the integrity of the word of God. He had every excuse in the world to live anyhow. After all who will know?
Although he had every reason to be bitter, having been rejected by his brothers, he chose to live a life of integrity. She continued to seduce him day in day out and she decided to watch and corner him on a day when no one was in, Joseph decided to run from her. He knew very well that leaving his garment in that place was evidence against him and it was going to put him in a problem, but he decided to go through the pathway of suffering rather than commit a sin against God. He made a choice to let God defend him as there was no way he could defend himself. There was no questioning. No asking him to explain. Potiphar put Joseph in prison. Shall we because we will suffer persecution disobey God?

That is what is happening today. You don’t want to lose your job and so you are ready to commit atrocities. Some talk of situational ethics. What does that mean? Let me do what is convenient now and escape; later I can ask God to forgive me. He left his garment, because he wanted to please God. You are going to suffer; oh yes, I know. But let it be recorded against your name that you pleased God. Those that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.

Further reading: Genesis 39:1-23
Bible Reading: Morning- Psalms 10-12; Evening- Acts 19:1-20

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