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“…and whatsoever Adam called every living creature, that was the name thereof.”
(Genesis 2:19 KJV)

After Adam was created, God stepped aside and started watching him. In other words, Adam you are now in charge. And God wanted to know how his creation would function. God brought him animals, God didn’t name them; Adam named them. God could have named them but he had finished his work and handed over to man. And scripture says whatsoever Adam called every living creature that was the name thereof. In other words, I am not going to argue with you, if you call it a desert, it becomes a desert, if you call it a failure, it becomes a failure. 

What are you calling your situation? what are you calling your church? What do you call your nation? Whatsoever you say, that is what it is. God will honor it. He can’t change it. You are now in charge. In that office, stop looking at the boss, you are in charge. When light comes, technically there is no darkness. So God said let there be light and instantly there was light. You are the one the world should look up to for development. You are the salt of the earth. That is who you are. We should change the flavor of our society, we shouldn’t join those spoiling our society. There shouldn’t be anything like, if you can’t beat them. No, you are in charge, change whatever you are seeing. 

Joseph was in the house of Potiphar and everything was blessed. What he was carrying was the blessing. He knew he carried the blessing anywhere he went. They sent him to jail, but the jail was transformed. Why? Because he was a carrier of the blessing. He knew it. Knowing this is not just a mental revelation, it was revelation of the spirit. I want to challenge you this month, that even as you wait on the Lord, speak as one who carries the blessing and situations will bow to you. 

Further Reading: Genesis 2:19-20, Mark 11:20-23 
Daily Bible Reading: Morning- Isaiah 11-13; Evening- Ephesians 4


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