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“The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places; yea, I have a goodly heritage.”

(Psalms 16:6 KJV)


David was an outstanding king in Israel. He knew what it was to be rejected. He knew what it was to be abandoned at the back side of the desert. He knew what it was to be terrorized by an adversary. He passed through a lot of challenges in life.  David was a talented man, a musician, a prophet, and a warrior. He knew what God’s thoughts were. There is so much we can learn from David. Despite the serious challenges he encountered, he was able to overcome them all. Through it all, he said the lines are fallen unto me in pleasant place and I have a godly heritage.


He was anointed king by Prophet Samuel in the presence of his brethren. He saw many wars and won many battles despite his enormous challenges. Do you know that David was the only King in Israel that never lost a battle? He was the only one who was alive to install his son as a king; others never lived to do that. No wonder he said I have a goodly heritage. In other words, my heritage is a good one not a bad one. David was saying He was chosen by God and God alone and as a result everything about his life will happen according to God’s plan and purpose. My future is in God’s hand. His boundary line marks out pleasant places for me and indeed my inheritance is beautiful.


Beloved, God has provided a beautiful inheritance for us. It was sin that brought the curse. We inherited that curse but Christ came and broke the power of the curse over our lives. We then moved to pleasant places. You changed location the day you gave your life to Christ and that should be your consciousness. You should have the mind of Christ; a mind of victory. Victory is your portion everyday of this year in Jesus name.


Further reading: Psalms 16:1-8

Daily Bible Reading: Morning- 1 Samuel 4-6; Evening- Luke 9:1-17



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