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For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him.” (2 Corinthians 5:21 KJV)

Beloved, you are righteous in the morning, noon and night and even when you fall into sin, because it is not predicated on you. God gave it to you and since you didn’t do anything to get it, you cannot do anything to lose it. It is guaranteed, sealed, irrevocable and irreversible. Therefore, you cannot sin yourself out of your salvation. This does not mean once you are saved, you are always saved. In fact, the Bible never taught on once saved, always saved. The only way you can lose your salvation is by denouncing Christ as your Lord and Savior. Even at that, the Lord made it very difficult for you to denounce him.

How can you possibly denounce him with all he did for you? You have the Holy Spirit. You have tasted him, and you know how he delivered you and how he set you free. How can you wake up and say God, from today I will not serve you again? It is not possible. Do you know why sin cannot make you lose your salvation? It is because it is not dependent on your deeds but on simple faith in what Jesus did for you. It is faith in Christ that saved us and as long as your faith is still in Christ, you cannot lose your salvation.

Don’t live a life of confusion, asking yourself, am I sure I will make heaven? Once you are not sure, you become subject to the devil and he can toss your life here and there. You must be established in your righteousness which was given to you by God and the devil cannot mess with it. That is why it is the gospel; over the top good news. And good news means ‘too good to be true.’ This is so because God is no longer judging you. All the wrath and anger he had, has been put on Christ. Therefore, my hope is built on nothing else than Jesus’ blood and righteousness. Grace has made me to put my focus on Jesus.

Further Reading:  Romans 11:29, 2 Peter 1:1-4; 2:20-25

Daily Bible Reading: Morning- Numbers 3-4; Evening- Mark 3:20-35

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