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“There came unto him a woman having an alabaster box of very precious ointment, and poured it on his head, as he sat at meat.” Matthew 26:7


Jesus visit to the house of Simon the leper would have passed like one of those visits if not for the action of a woman. Jesus was obviously not visiting this house for the first time. But this time there was a difference. A woman did something out of the ordinary. She broke an Alabaster Box of ointment and everything changed. Her sacrifice brought about two very different reactions: some were upset that she could go all out for Jesus. They were filled with indignation and began to murmur. Interestingly, one of the disciples of Jesus also murmured. You would have thought that if everyone else murmured, not a member of the inner caucus, Jesus’ immediate constituency, the disciples. Is that not like today? Rather than encourage someone who is labouring in the Kingdom, some people sit back and just grumble. But like the woman, don’t be discouraged. She did not look for the applause of man, she broke the Alabaster Box and let out the rich fragrance that changed the entire environment.


Then there was the second group of people, and this is where Jesus was. Like the popular saying, one with God is majority. It is not about the number, if God applauds you, no one can put you down. While the murmuring was going on and probably growing louder, Jesus shut them up. In verse 10, He said “Let her alone…”. Are you there sacrificing for the Kingdom and it appears that no one is encouraging you?  You are not alone, it happened to Mary. But be encouraged, that singular act gave her a place in the scriptures. In the same way, your act, though it looks insignificant to man, is recognized by God. Stay consistent. It may be cleaning the restroom, keep at it. God will visit you in the place of service. Today, wherever the gospel is preached, Mary’s name is mentioned, just like Jesus said. In the same way, your service will announce you in Jesus’ name.


Further Reading: Matthew 26:6-13

Daily Bible Reading: Morning- Daniel 5-7; Evening- 2 John

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