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“Howbeit the hair of his head began to grow again after he was shaven”.

Judges 16:22 (KJV)

Beloved, I am glad that the story of Samson did not end in shame. I am glad that God restored strength to him, in spite of his self-inflicted woes. How many times have you gotten yourself into some trouble, and yet, God did not desert you? That is why I love Jesus; He never abandons His own. Today’s text reads, “Howbeit, the hairs of his head began to grow again…” That was a huge encouragement for Samson. This tells me that your strength, regardless of the reason why it was lost in the first place, is being restored to you, in Jesus’ name.

The Bible says when the hair began to grow, something happened. The Philistines had gathered for a convention, to celebrate the capture of their enemy, and they had him chained to mock, humiliate and embarrass him. Now put on your imagination; imagine how Samson must have felt. For someone who was used to being the victor, the conqueror, now in a helpless, victimized state. Unlike some of us, Samson did not call a pity party, or begin to cry. Rather, Samson beckoned on the lad to guide him to the pillars that supported the building, which the lad did. Samson then placed his hands on the pillars. That posture with his hands spread across on the pillars, was representative of the Cross; meaning that he leveraged on the power of the finished work and pulled down the whole convention ground. Eventually, he did more in his death than he had done all through his lifetime.

Child of God, I don’t know what challenge you are facing right now; but get set to recover all. By virtue of the finished work on the cross, I prophesy that you are recovering all. I don’t care how much ground you have lost or what the devil has done, I have an assurance from heaven that whatever you have lost in the past shall be restored. Restoration is coming to you. Receive it in the name of Jesus.

Further reading: Judges 16:20-30

Daily Bible Reading: Morning- Ecclesiastes 4-6; Evening- 2 Corinthians 12

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