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Your Work shall be rewarded…

Your Work shall be rewarded…

‘’Be ye strong therefore, and let not your hands be weak: for your work shall be rewarded’’. 

   2 Chronicles 15:7 {KJV}

 Dearly beloved, on this Workers Appreciation & Award Sunday, I come to remind you that as believers, we can make all the difference in our world for the kingdom if we all arise from our comfort zones. We can truly impact our world if we dare. When Jesus walked the face of the earth, His mandate was to do the Fathers’ will? Little wonder He was able to say ‘’It is finished’’ while He hung on the cross. Today, that same urgency to do the will of the Father has been handed over to us and we cannot afford to fail.

Beloved, do you realize that God’s intention is that you serve wherever He has located you? When you come to church, it is to get refueled and recharged so that you can go back and impart your world for the kingdom.  God wants you to work the way He would have worked if He were in your shoes. For instance, if you are a teacher, God expects you to study diligently and pass on the correct information to your students. If you are a dress maker, He expects you to make clothes that will stand the test of time for your clients.  When you do that, you make it very easy for the gospel to penetrate your work environment because you are the ‘Jesus’ the people know and you are the ‘bible’ they read.

In addition, God has given to every person, gifts, talents and abilities so that we all can contribute our own quota to the kingdom. What that simply means is that you are wired for something. There is a place for you to function in the kingdom. The responsibility is for you to find your place and fulfill destiny. The days of just warming the seats are over. You need to get involved at the Group level and also join a Ministry Arm of your choice. That is one way to get committed. You must get busy. Your hands must be in the mud, because there is no room for spectators. I encourage you to jump on board and let us do the work together.

Find your place and begin to serve, because God has given you a specific talent for a specific purpose. Your gift is your gift and that makes you special. You can start today from your little corner. If you enjoy singing, start from your group meetings, if you feel inclined to administration, start helping in your group or fellowship to put structures in place. That is a good way to developing your gift and pretty soon, what started small would snowball to the glory of God. Don’t fold your hands and think you are not important, because everyone will certainly give account of his/her talent before the Lord.  

As for those being honored today, I congratulate you and it is my prayer that the Lord will increase your greatness on all sides. We really cannot reward you, but we know that the Lord who sees in secret will certainly reward you openly. This Service Award is just a token of our appreciation for your selfless service in the year 2016. Let me use this opportunity to challenge every person to join hands together with us, so we can achieve all that the Lord has committed into our hands this year and beyond. Beloved, intensify your commitments and refuse to slowdown. Be assured that your labor of love will not go unrewarded. I bless you. 


In His Royal Service

Dr. Mike Okonkwo

The Presiding Bishop

TREM Web Administrator
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