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“I am the Vine; you are the branches. Whoever lives in Me and I in him bears much (abundant) fruit. However, apart from Me [cut off from vital union with Me] you can do nothing.” Jn. 15:5 (AMP)


Yesterday, I challenged you to develop a plan. But don’t take it out of context and run off thinking that you can succeed without God. Remember, I said you have a part to play and God also has a part. Your part is to work, but His part is to bless.


Many times we are tempted to lean on our own understanding; but I come to you today to remind you that without God, you can do nothing. Yes, you may have succeeded using a certain method yesterday, don’t rely on it today, go back to God and seek instruction from His mouth. You need the word from God daily to remain victorious. Don’t plan to live in 2019 the way you did in 2018 because 2019 is a different year.


God does not want you to be up today and down tomorrow. God does not want you to record a victory today and defeat tomorrow. He wants you to live in victory 100% of the time and the only way to do this is to depend totally on God.


King David knew this truth that despite the victories he recorded in battle, he regularly went back to God to receive instruction from His mouth. The same thing with Jesus, He lived on the proceeding word from the mouth of God and that is why He went from the place of prayer to the place of ministry and back to the place of prayer. Don’t live on yesterday’s revelation; there is a fresh word for every day. In a few days we will be in 2019, receive instructions from Him for the year. Be open to hear what He will say to you and determine that whatever He says, you will do. I look forward to hearing your testimony.


Further Reading: Jn. 15: 1 – 17; 1 Sam. 30: 1- 19

Daily Bible Reading: Morning- Zechariah 1-4; Evening- Revelation 18

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