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“There failed not ought of any good thing which the Lord had spoken unto the house of Israel; all came to pass.” (Joshua 21:45 KJV)

In your Christian faith, there must be intensity and tenacity. There must be some resilience. You must be relentless. You must be committed to it. Let the fire be in your eyes and let  your shoulder be squared. Don’t be lazy! You must be standing when others are falling. Don’t  ever slow down because the more you follow the more beautiful you become and the more you shine. That is how it functions.

The computer age is here. You can access all the information you want in life and be well informed. You must know how to access the internet. If you don’t know, go to young people and they will teach you. I read of a young man who at the age of 23 was the youngest billionaire that has been recorded in the Forbes Magazine. He became a billionaire through internet information.  It is a new day for us all, because God has promised that whatever he said shall come to pass.

When God says it shall come to pass, what that means is that as far as he is concerned his side is covered. He is saying; don’t bother about me because as far as I am concerned your request has already been granted. Whatever it takes to get it done  will be done. So don’t bother about God. The problem is you. That is why the scripture tells us to consider Jesus: the Apostle and the High priest of our confession. When you are considering Jesus, you are considering the word of God. When you consider Jesus, you are considering the one who gave you life. When you consider Jesus, you are considering the one who watches over his word to keep it. When you consider Jesus, you are considering he who will bring it to pass. God is saying all these blessings shall come to pass but the question is can I trust you to do your part?

Further Reading: Hebrews 10:19 – 23, Numbers 23:19
Daily Bible Reading: Morning- Ezra 6-8; Evening- John 21

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