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“Unto Adam also and to his wife did the LORD God make coats of skins, and clothed them.” (Genesis 3:21 KJV)

Jesus killed the law! And having spoiled principalities and powers, he made a show of them openly, triumphing over them in it. Because Jesus disarmed the devil, those who know they are righteous are never afraid of the devil because they know that the Lord is for them. Whoever touches them has touched the apples of His eyes.

In the beginning God made the heavens and the earth, and the earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep and the spirit of the Lord was moving upon the face of the waters and then he said let there be light, and light appeared. He began to put things in place and when everything had been packaged, he said let us make man. Man had nothing to contribute. He prepared everything and handed it to man. Even when Adam and Eve sinned, the scripture tells us that they tried to cover themselves with leaves. In other words, they tried to apply self-effort, but self-effort can never cover you, only grace can. They tried to cover themselves with leaves, but leaves dry up with time.

Sometimes we try to cover ourselves up with philanthropic effort, which is good but still cannot cover. We try to cover ourselves with coming to church and yet not accepting grace and hence we are not covered. There are many whose names are written in the church register and yet not covered by grace. But the holy God, in the midst of the sin of Adam and Eve came down and slaughtered an animal, skinned it and covered them because he did not want them naked. That is grace. God did not only cover them, he took them out of the garden. This is because he knew that if they remain in the garden they will eat of the fruit of life and remain in the state of condemnation and death for ever. By so doing his plan for redemption will be aborted. Whatever plans God has for you will not be aborted. You will fulfill destiny!

Further Reading: Genesis 3:1-24

Daily Bible Reading: Morning- Numbers 12-14; Evening- Mark 5:21-43

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