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“The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.” Psalm 23:1

Psalms are given to us as spiritual arsenals because they are powerful. Sometimes you can just read them and by the time you have read ten chapters, something will happen in your room. Any time you are seeking for direction just forget about the situation and read the psalms. When you read the psalms with understanding you will see that the believer doesn’t really have to do anything.

The more I read Psalm 23 the more I rest because no goat goes to the market and say I want to buy a shepherd. It is a shepherd that buys the goat and the moment he buys it, he takes responsibility. The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. I shall not want for food. I shall not want for clothing. I shall not want for employment. I shall not want for baby. I shall not want for husband or wife, I shall not want for house because he is my shepherd.

The shepherd makes me to lie down in green pasture. He leads me beside the still waters. He knows where the water is troublesome and so he leads me the other way. He restores my soul because he doesn’t want me to have a troubled mind. He leads me in the part of righteousness for his name sake because he knows I have the capacity to mess up his name. He prepares a table in the presence of my enemy. Why are you afraid of the enemy when he prepared the table? If he prepared it, he has taken care of the enemy. He anointed my head with oil and my cup runs over. After he has done all these, he released two angels called goodness and mercy and said to them, make sure you take care of him. Therefore, my own part is to rest and go to bed. 

Beloved, go to bed! Christ, your Shepherd will fix the problem. You don’t have to understand
how. Just put your trust absolutely in your Shepherd. He will not fail you.

Further Reading: Psalm 23:1 – 6, 91:1 – 16
Daily Bible Reading: Morning- Job 1-2; Evening- Acts 7:22-43


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