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“And it came to pass, that, as the people pressed upon him to hear the word of God, he stood by the lake of Gennesaret.” Luke 5:1

According to this Bible passage, the people pressed upon Jesus to hear the word of God. They came to hear! They didn’t come for healing; they came to hear. There is no way you will hear, that something will not happen; because His words are spirit and life. At times when I feel low, I want to hear good preaching. I want to hear the good teaching of the word. My spirit comes alive because the word of God is spirit and it is life. The people pressed upon Jesus. There was this desire to hear from Him. They had a hunger to hear.

In Luke 5:15, the multitudes came together to hear and to be healed by Him of their infirmities. Great multitudes came to hear and to be healed. Child of God, something happens when you hear. When you hear, the healing and miracle-working power goes forth and you are positioned to receive. (Luke 5:17)
The Word of God doesn’t say as they went to collect handkerchiefs. And there is nothing wrong with a handkerchief, we can give you a handkerchief if somebody is far off. The Word doesn’t say until He anointed them with oil. And there is nothing wrong with oil, we use oil. The Word doesn’t say until they fasted, and there is nothing wrong in fasting. But they came to hear. The Bible says as He was teaching and ministering the Word the power of God was present because the power is in the Word you hear.(Luke 5:17) God and His Word are one. When you are hearing the Word, you are hearing God. And so, it is your hearing that brings the faith that makes the Word land on you. And once the Word lands, it must produce what He says. Praise the Lord!

Further reading: Luke 5:1-25
Daily Bible Reading: Morning- Job 32-33; Evening- Acts 14

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